Top 10 Directories for 2014

Every quarter in 2014, twenty directories were evaluated and rated according to criteria which was published in advance. Since this criteria is subject to change between quarters, it may help to review the criteria that I used to assess a directory during any particular quarter in order to understand or appreciate its rating.

It is also important to realize that the reviews done for Web Directory Reviews Org are from the perspective of a web directory user rather than from a web site owner or submitter. Although the SEO potential of a directory is discussed, this has no bearing on the rating or position of the directory.
I appreciate any comments you might have on my reviews or other sections of this site. Comments may be made in the area provided at the bottom of each review, or they can be made within our support and discussion forum. if you prefer a more private message, you may email me at

Although I will not make changes to reviews conducted during previous quarters, I do take comments and suggestions into consideration during the current quarter. In other words, if you believe that I missed something or otherwise misrepresented your directory during my review, please let me know about it. It is my intention to be as fair and as objective as I can be, given the inherent subjectiveness of a review.