Top 10 Directories for 2013

During each quarter of 2013, twenty web directories were reviewed and rated according to published criteria, after which the top ten directories were published to Web Directory Reviews Org and on some of our partner sites.

The top ten directories were then reevaluated during subsequent quarters, placed in competition with one another and ten additional directories.

From one quarter to the next, a directory might drop off of the top ten list, to be replaced by another, because it faced stronger competition from one or more of these additional directories or, in some cases, it may have been the victim of a change in evaluation criteria.
Each quarter, the evaluation criteria is subject to change, and changes were made between each quarter in 2013, the most significant being between the 1st and 2nd quarters, when the criteria was rewritten entirely.

Consequently, in reading my reviews or considering why a directory was rated as it was, it will help for you to look through the criteria that was used during that quarter.

Although a directory may not have changed substantially from one quarter to another, its ratings may differ, and that may be the reason why. It is also possible that my opinions changed from one quarter to the next, or that I learned something new about the directory.

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