On Tuesday, December 16 and Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the Viesearch directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org.

The Authority Directory was the next directory on the schedule to be reviewed, but it has been down for about one month now, showing a database error. Moving on then, I will be reviewing Viesearch, a general directory established in 2004, and first appearing in the Internet Archive (WayBack Machine) on January 2, 2005.

This isn't the first time I've reviewed Viesearch; I last looked at it about five months ago, on July 28, 2014. At that time, I had rated it seventy-two percent, which wasn't high enough for it to make it onto my top ten, but barely, holding the #10 spot.

The Moz Domain Authority for Viesearch is 63/100, its Page Authority is 69/100, the Page MozRank is 6.13, and the Page MozTrust is 6.16. Its Majestic Trust Flow is 41 and its Citation Flow is 48. The Alexa Traffic Rank of Viesearch is 10,681.

The directory accepts free submissions, with or without a reciprocal link, as well as a couple of paid options.

At a cost of $25, which I believe to be a one-time payment, according to its submissions page, a featured listing will, if accepted, display an image preview and description of the site on the category page and search results, as well as a details page. Paid listings are periodically announced through the Viesearch Twitter account.

Express listings are $10, which is a one-time payment, offering the same amenities as a Regular listing, except for an expedited review. Regular and Express listings are shown in Viesearch search results only. If a reciprocal link is provided, a link to the site will also appear on the directory's "Friends" page.

During my reviews, I use the perspective of a directory user rather than site submitter, so SEO metrics and submission fees don’t enter into the rating that I assign. The five areas of assessment are: aesthetics (10%), size (20%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (25%), and usefulness (25%). At times, I will award up to five extra points for extra content.

Aesthetics - 7/10

Viesearch has a simple, blue and black font on a white background, design, but it is attractive enough, and easy on the eyes. The index page fits onto one screen, and doesn’t require any scrolling. With one click, users can change the colors from blue to green, pink, or orange.

The main menu of Viesearch is asymmetrical, consisting of sixteen upper-level categories, arranged in two columns of eight. However, from three to six subcategories are listed beneath each upper-level category, and some of them wrap to a second line, the columns appear uneven.

The five most recent featured links are highlighted beneath the main menu.

Size - 20/20

In order to evaluate the size of a directory, I scan the directory using a program called Scrutiny. In order to save time and reduce the load that it places on the directory, I limit my scans to 500,001 links, and Viesearch did top out. Please see the criteria for this quarter in order to understand my rating in this area of the review.

Scrutiny does not differentiate between internal links, such as navigational links, and outgoing website links but, since each directory is evaluating by the same method, it works.

Intuitiveness - 13/20

The taxonomy of Viesearch is easy enough to figure out, and when you mouseover one of the categories in the main menu, each of the category’s second-level subcategories appear in a clickable box, making it easy to get a good start.

Within each category, sites are sorted from newest to oldest by default, but users have the option to change the sorting to by relevance or alphabetically. They may also be sorted according to popularity, as well as those that have received the most comments or like, or by rating.

Viesearch uses breadcrumb navigation, which makes it easy for users to backtrack while browsing its categories and subcategories.

The organizational structure of the Viesearch directory is solid, but there are an awful lot of sites that are not listed in accordance with the structure that is in place. There are hundreds of pages of sites listed directly beneath upper level categories that should more appropriately be placed in subcategories.

As a general directory, Viesearch includes a regional tree. However, within the United States category, no state has more than eleven listed sites, and most have none. Yet, there are forty-nine pages of sites listed directory beneath the United States category, and eleven pages of sites listed beneath North America, many of which would more appropriately be placed within state or city subcategories. Many of the sites listed in topical categories would be a better fit within a regional category, as well.

When sites are not placed in appropriate categories, the result is confusion. Since no one is going to page through hundreds of pages of sites, those sites listed there are unlikely to be found. A good structure is in place, but it’s not being used.

The Viesearch search feature works well on one-word search terms but on multiple-phrases, it does not. For example, a search on “fresh dog food” includes a diet site, a real estate company and a flower shop as the first, second and third results, while a site whose title is “Fresh Dog Food Canada” is number seven in the results.

Quality - 13/25

Viesearch is a regularly updated directory, with new sites being added daily, and its server handled a scan by Scrutiny without difficulty.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of quality control in place, however. While there are sites in the directory that have good titles and descriptions, they were probably submitted that way because I don’t see any evidence that anyone is reviewing or editing them. Some of them trail off mid sentence, and many of them contain promotional language, exclamation marks, and inappropriate keywords.

Here are a few examples among the newest sites added to the directory.

New & Pre-Construction Condos for Sale in Vaughan
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Usefulness - 15/25

Viesearch is one of the larger directories on the Internet. As such, there is certainly sufficient content, it has a good taxonomy, a breadcrumb navigation system, and multiple scoring options.

Everything is in place for Viesearch to be one of the best directories on the Internet, but the followthrough isn’t there.

There are no category descriptions, although category descriptions are a standard feature in directory scripts. While the directory contains categories and subcategories sufficient to appropriately organize listed sites, far too many of them are misplaced, and no one seems to be guarding the gate as far as site titles, descriptions, and placement is concerned.

A large number of the directory’s site listings are deep links to internal pages of the site rather than to the main domain, many of which are superfluous.

Viesearch is a bit difficult to read on a smart phone, but it is possible to browse its categories and subcategories.

Extra Content - 1

Paid listings are tweeted on the directory’s Twitter account frequently, as an added benefit to their customers.

Overall Rating - 69%

Upon my review of the Viesearch directory on Tuesday, December 16 and Wednesday, December 17, 2014, I have rated it sixty-nine percent.


It is unlikely that Viesearch will retain its position in my top ten this quarter. Do not infer, from this, that the directory has gotten worse; rather, its change in status has more to do with changes in my evaluation criteria, chiefly the fact that the size of the directory has been devalued from 25% to 20%, while the quality of the directory has been elevated from 20% to 25%. I have sites listed in Viesearch, and will no doubt submit additional sites to the directory.


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