Web Directory Reviews Org reviewed the Skaffe Directory on Saturday, January 3, 2015, although this review is a late review for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Skaffe has been in our top ten since it was first reviewed for Web Directory Reviews Org in the fourth quarter of 2013. It has come in #9, #9, #7, and #9.

The Moz Domain Authority of the Skaffe directory is 50/100, the Page Authority of its index page is 59/100, its Page MozRank is 5.53, and its Page MozTrust is 5.65. Its Majestic Trust Flow is 55 and its Citation Flow is 43. The Alexa Traffic Rank for Skaffe is 146,825.

Skaffe still considers free submissions on weekends, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday through 6:00 a.m. on Monday EDT. The fee for an express review is $44.99, which guarantees a review within twenty-four hours. All but $10 is refunded if the submission is declined.

In my reviews, I rate each directory on its aesthetics (10%), size (20%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (25%), and usefulness (25%), with up to five additional points added for extra content not adequately considered within one of the other areas of assessment. SEO metrics and submission details are not considered in my rating of a directory.

Aesthetics - 7/10

Not everyone agrees with me, but I like the look of the Skaffe directory. Although it violated my understanding of some of the rules of design, with the large number of colors that are involved in its pages, I consider it to be one of the more attractive directories.

One use of color that I don't appreciate however, is in its "Kidz and Teenz" category. Given the large number of colors already in use by Skaffe, I could probably overlook the colorization of the letters of this category, but why on earth is the background color of this color different from the background color of the rest of the directory? It is as if they copied and pasted the code for this category name from another site and never bothered to match the background. Since white is not a difficult color to match, I don't get it.

By the way, I also dislike the intentional misspelling of words used for this category and its use of the full conjunction, when an ampersand is used in other category names.

Skaffe's main menus consists of twenty-four upper-level categories, arranged in two columns of twelve. Its category name choices are widely asymmetrical.

Still, Skaffe manages to be a rather attractive directory. There are no third-party advertisements on its index page. Although internal pages include a section for three category advertisements, I haven't come across any categories that actually included an advertisement.

Size - 11/20

The size of the directory refers to the number of outgoing site links that the directory includes in its categories and subcategories. Obviously, I cannot page through every category and subcategory of a directory, counting the number of sites contained in each, so I use a program called Scrutiny to scan the directory. Scrutiny returns the total number of links on the domain, including internal and navigational links, so this number is larger than the actual size of the directory, but it's useful for the purpose of comparison since every directory is evaluated using the same method.

Skaffe first appears in the Internet Archive (WayBack Machine) on October 26, 2003, meaning that it is about twelve years and two months old. Scrutiny found a total of 164,660 links, which comes to about 13,530 links per year. Please see the review criteria for the fourth quarter of 2014 for further information about the grade in this area.

Intuitiveness - 15/20

So far as the category and subcategory name choices and organization of the Skaffe directory, its taxonomy is reasonable.

I mentioned this in my last review but, since it hasn't changed, I'll bring it up again. For some reason, there is an @link farm beginning in a "By Region" category beneath News & Issues > Newspapers, which serves only two listed sites, yet leads to several empty categories. As a directory user, I would find this to be confusing.

I am finding sites listed in higher categories that would more appropriately be placed in lower-level categories. For example, a site for a company that sells re-engineered diesel engines and parts is listed directly beneath the Business > Industry category rather than within the existing "Automotive" subcategory. Within the same category, there are sites for manufacturers that should be moved into lower-level categories.

A nice feature is that sites for companies and organizations that have a brick and mortar presence may include a zip code or post code, which can be search on, allowing even sites that are not listed in its regional categories to be found regionally.

When accepted into the directory, sites are rated by editors, assigned from one to three checks, and are sorted within the category according to the number of checks they were rated with. Although I don't see any documentation of this, my assumption is that this is a quality rating, although it may be that only paid listings are given three checks. Sadly, none of the several sites I have listed in Skaffe have earned more than one checkmark.

Within each section, sites are listed alphabetically. For example, those with three checkmarks are listed first, alphabetically, followed by those with two checks, also sorted alphabetically, etc.

The Skaffe directory uses @links, as well as above and below the line features.

Its search does not appear to be particularly useful, however. Although there are sites listed in the directory that include "web directory" in the title, as well as sites that contain this phrase within the site description, a search on "web directory" brings up 1,952 matches, sorted according to the checkmark rating rather than by relevancy. None of the sites displayed on the first page of results relate in any way to a web directory. Neither do any of the five categories that are returned as a result of that search.

Although this site, Web Directory Reviews Org, is listed within the Skaffe directory under that title, a search of "web directory reviews" does not return this site within the first pages of results. In fact, not of the sites displayed on the first page of the search results relate in any way to web directory reviews, although the American Suzuki Motor Corporation and the site for the Green Party are on the first page of results.

Quality - 18/25

Although Skaffe's submission guidelines call for titles to be the official title of the business or service, followed optionally by two or three anchor text words, the domain name is frequently used as a title.

Descriptions are usually brief sentence fragments, rather than grammatically correct sentences, but there are some full sentences used. I am not seeing much in the way of overtly promotional language, misspellings, or capitalization errors in descriptions, although many of them are on the skimpy side.

There are empty categories within the directory's regional categories but I haven't come across any within its topical trees.

Usefulness - 20/25

While not as large as some of the other directories on our top ten, the Skaffe directory has sufficient content to be useful to a directory user. Its lack of empty categories, except for its regional tree, is also helpful to this end. Additionally, Skaffe is reasonably well organized.

Unfortunately, Skaffe does not use category descriptions, although a category description field is standard in most web directory scripts. I see this too often in web directories, and I don't get it, as category descriptions add a great deal, benefitting the directory, its users, and the owners of the sites that are listed within the directory.

When well done, category descriptions can add information of use to directory users. They can assist site submitters in knowing whether they have chosen the correct category to submit their site to, and they can also add useful textual content to be indexed by search engines. In short, they can be used to provide the content that Google representatives have said were missing in many web directories.

The Skaffe directory is not responsive to smart phones, although it can be navigated on a typical cell phone.

Extra Content - 2

I hadn't noticed it before, but Skaffe does have a volunteer editor program. Although I don't see that information clearly identified from the directory's pages, if you check the submission status of a submitted site, you will see a link to apply to become an editor of the category that this site had been submitted to.

Skaffe also features a Facebook directory, a blog directory, a games page.

Overall Rating - 73%

Upon my review of the Skaffe directory on Saturday, January 3, 2015, I have given it a rating of seventy-three percent.


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