Niche Directories

This quarter, the first quarter of 2015, I will be reviewing some niche directories. I am getting a late start on it, but I do intend to review twenty niche directories during the month of March, to fulfill my goal of reviewing twenty directories a year.
I apologize for the long gap in reviews. No, I have not lost interest in this site. However, a few things got in the way. For one, reviewing niche directories requires a different set of criteria, which I will be developing soon. For another, I was forced to re-start the Web Directory Forum, and have been devoting some time in getting it going again. I have also begun a new publication, Web Directory Digest, which has taken up some of my time. On top of this, I got the flu, which had me down for more than two weeks, and that was followed up by a couple of other medical problems.

However, the new criteria should be developed soon, and I will begin reviewing niche directories shortly thereafter.
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