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Jasmine Directory was reviewed for Web Directory Reviews Org on Monday, December 29 and Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Jasmine Directory is another of the general web directories that have been in my top ten since I began reviewing directories in the first quarter of 2013, coming in #8, #3, #4, #3, #5, #8, and #5, fluctuations due largely from changes in the review criteria, which take place between quarters.

Moz had assigned Jasmine Directory a Domain Authority of 60/100, the Page Authority of its index page 67/100, Page MozRank of 6.81, and a Page MozTrust of 6.64. Its Majestic Trust Flow is 59, and the Citation Flow is 49. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 18,492.

The submission fees for Jasmine Directory are $59 for a standard listing and $89 for an express listing, both one-time payments. If accepted, a standard listing may include an RSS and Twitter feed, as well as a one hundred word review of the site. An express listing may include a three hundred word review, five deep links, and it will be displayed above regular listings.

There are other directory review sites on the Internet. As far as I am aware, all of them focus on SEO metrics, submission costs, and other criteria of interest primarily to site submitters. That's fine, there's a need for that but, rather than duplicating something that already exists, my reviews are conducted from the perspective of a directory user.

Jasmine Directory will be evaluated in five areas of assessment, some with varying rates:

  • Aesthetics - 10%
  • Size - 20%
  • Intuitiveness - 20%
  • Quality - 25%
  • Usefulness - 25%

In addition, I may award up to five extra points for useful content not addressed in other areas of assessment.

Aesthetics - 8/10

This is my eighth review of Jasmine Directory, and its appearance hasn't changed much during that time, so I won't go into a lot of detail about the directory's design.

Its Regional category is the only upper-level category that prevents its main menu from being symmetrical, as the others all consist of two words combined with an ampersand. While its main menu fits onto one screen, above the fold, there is extraneous content below the fold.

On the index page of Jasmine Directory, there are promotions for other directories, but no third-party advertising. Although there are advertising opportunities presented, for in-category advertising, I did not come across any categories that displayed ads.

Size - 9/20

In order to determine the comparative size of a directory, I scan each directory with a program called Scrutiny prior to reviewing it. Since paging through every category and subcategory, counting outgoing links, would be wholly impractical, Scrutiny gives me the total number of links found on the domain, sans subdomains. This is not an accurate count of the number of outgoing site links in the directory since it includes navigational and other internal links but, since the same method is used on each directory I review, it's useful, nevertheless.

Jasmine Directory is the smallest of the directories that have regularly been in my top ten, with 46,951 links. Jasmine first appears in the Internet Archive (WayBack Machine) on June 5, 2009, so it is approximately five years and six months old, which calculates to about 8,537 links per year.

According to my criteria for this quarter, its rating would be 9 points in this area of the assessment. Please see the criteria for the fourth quarter of 2014 for further information.

Intuitiveness - 19/20

Within Jasmine Directory, category and subcategory names are intuitive, and its organizational structure is reasonable. Above and below the line capabilities and @links are used when they are beneficial, and sites are placed in appropriate categories.

Within each category, express listings are displayed first, followed by regular listings, each of which are sorted alphabetically. The directory's search feature works well in both single and multi-word searches.

Quality - 22/25

Jasmine Directory uses sentence fragments rather than grammatically correct sentences. They tend to be brief, many consisting of only one incomplete sentence.

There are, however, several listings that contain longer, more complete descriptions, many of which are grammatically correct. I am not sure whether these are regular site descriptions or whether they are the unique reviews that Jasmine Directory is now advertising.

I am not seeing inappropriate titles, promotional language, or misspellings within site descriptions. There are no empty categories in the directory and Scrutiny found very few bad links.

Jasmine Directory labels sites that have been added by directory staff so it is clear that the majority of the sites in its index are ones that have been sought out and added in order to provide value to the directory.

Usefulness - 22/25

As mentioned, Jasmine Directory is smaller than other directories in our top ten, but it has no empty categories, and each of its categories contain useful sites. Although many of its site descriptions are brief, others are much better developed.

Whereas several other directories have no category descriptions at all, Jasmine Directory has rich category descriptions, with useful, uniquely authored descriptions of each category. This provides information for directory users, helps site submitters to determine which category would be most appropriate for their site, and provides textual content to be spidered by the search engines.

Extra Content - 2

The use of an "EP" graphic to flag sites that have been added to the directory by directory editors is a nice touch, as it helps users to understand that a well managed web directory does not consisted entirely of sites that have been submitted by site owners.

Detail pages include business descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, and social media links, as well as an RSS feed. Jasmine Directory also includes an on-page SEO tool and an active blog.

Overall Rating - 81%

Upon an evaluation of Jasmine Directory on Monday, December 29 and Tuesday, December 30, 2014, I have rated it eighty-two percent.


As I mentioned during my review, Jasmine Directory is the smallest directory in my top ten but it is also one of the youngest.


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