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Elegant Directory was reviewed for Web Directory Reviews Org on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22, 2014.

Elegant Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on January 1, 2006. It is a general web directory, as it includes a regional tree along with several topical trees, although there isn't much in its regional tree.

The Moz Domain Authority of Elegant Directory is 41/100, the Page Authority of its index page is 51/100, its Page MozRank is 5.74 and its Page MozTrust is 5.31. Its Majestic Trust Flow is 28 and its Citation Flow is 39. The Alexa Traffic Rank is 686,071.

Oddly enough, its submission page contains "Lorem Ipsum" placeholder text, and there seems to be no way to submit a site to the directory. Also, the FAQ page consists of placeholder text, which is strange for a nine year-old directory. I tried to contact the webmaster through the email address given and my mail was returned as undeliverable.

For the purpose of my review, I will be looking at the directory from the perspective of a potential directory user, however, not as a site submitter. My evaluation will be divided into five areas of assessment, some worth more than others: aesthetics (10%), size (20%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (25%), and usefulness (25%).

Aesthetics - 9/10

Elegant Directory is an attractive directory. One might even describe it as elegant. In fact, I would have to describe its index page as being perfect. Everything that I look for is there, and in the correct order.

Elegant Directory has a professional logo and a beautifully simply design. Its main menu consists of twenty upper-level category, each represented with an icon, and each consisting of one word. The entire index page fits above the fold on my large screen.

The only thing that I can see that is somewhat less than perfect is that, for some of its category trees, four subdirectories are shown, in others only three; as a result, some of them wrap to a second line while others are included on only one line. However, this is a very minor issue.

On its secondary pages though, some of its subcategory names are so long that they wrap to two lines. That too, is not a major issue.

Size - 7/20

In order to determine the relative size of a directory, I cannot rely on statistics provided by the directory itself because many of them, like Elegant Directory, don't provide such information, and I would have no way of knowing whether it was accurate anyhow.

Instead, so that each directory is evaluated in the same manner, I scan each domain using a program called Scrutiny, which will count the total number of links found on the domain, with the exception of subdomains. This number is substantially higher than the actual number of outgoing site links because it includes internal links, navigational links, article links, and so on. Still, since each directory is evaluated in the same way, it allows me to make comparisons.

This quarter, I am rating directories according to the number of links that were added to the directory per year, rounded down to the nearest month. Elegant Directory has been in operation approximately eight years and ten months.

Scrutiny found 64,912 links, which comes out to about 7,351 links per year. According to my criteria for this quarter, its rating in this area of the assessment is 7 out of a possible 20 points.

Intuitiveness - 10/20

I didn't come across any confusing or obviously misplaced category names while browsing through the directory. There is no use of @links, related links, see also links, or above or below the line capabilities, but these are not absolutely essential.

Subpages include popular categories in the right sidebar, which might become a convenience at some point.

One problem that I see is that its site listings don't appear to be in any particular order, at least not so that I can discern. Sponsored sites are on top; while this is not optimal, from a user's standpoint, it is at least understandable. However, within its regular listings, sites are not sorted alphabetically, nor can I determine what the sorting arrangement is.

A larger problem is that, while there is a large assortment of subcategories beneath each of the directory's category trees, many of which are empty, actual site listings are not placed in the most appropriate categories.

For example, its Business category contains about a hundred and forty subcategories, many of which are duplicated, and nearly half of which are empty. Plus, the directory includes a regional tree that has very little content. Yet, there are two pages of sites listed directly beneath the Business category, all of which would be more appropriately listed within a subcategory or within the regional tree.

For example, why would a Vero Beach, Florida golf club be listed in the top level of a topical Business category rather than within a Vero Beach subcategory of Regional? The same is true of real estate agents, lawyers, construction companies, and a senior citizen's complex in Palm Beach. If the regional stuff were moved to regional, the regional categories wouldn't be empty, and if the topical stuff were to be moved to an appropriate subcategory, there wouldn't be so many empty subcategories. It doesn't do any good to have a rich taxonomy when it's not being used.

There is also the fact that people can find things easier when they are where they are supposed to be. Empty categories frustrate users and search engines.

On the positive side, its search feature seems to work fine. There is also a sitemap.

Quality - 12/25

Elegant Directory uses sentence fragments in site descriptions. Most of them are reasonably descriptive, although full sentences are far more constructive.

There are quite a few capitalization problems, as well as mildly promotional descriptions, as shown below:

Master design courses in Milan
Find all information about Design Master courses in Italy, offered by the Italian and Fashion School Naba.

3i Group plc
3i is an international investor focused on Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management, investing in Europe, Asia and North America.

business phone systems Miami
When you need a business telephone system, ABC Telecomm is the name you can trust. Located in South Florida, you can count on the 30+ years experience providing you exceptional service and more.

lakeland furniture
We make beautiful reproductions of famous furniture designs and various kinds of trendy and elegant bar stools. Our Eames chairs and Ghost chairs are second to none and look so good they sell themselves on our website. Take a look on our website today; your delivery will be free.

Scrutiny flagged 7,865 links as being bad. Spot-checking several of them, and looking through the list, I can see that about half of them are Google links that are rendering 503 errors, but which are not outgoing site links. However, the others do appear to be bad links.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, its submission page shows "Lorem Ipsum" placeholder text, and there doesn't seem to be any way to submit a site to the Elegant Directory.


Its FAQ page also consists of placeholder text, and this is strange for a directory that is nearly nine years old. It could be that Elegant Directory is in the middle of an upgrade or something, and this will be corrected soon. If the site owner contacts me before the end of the quarter, I may make an adjustment to my review. I tried to contact him through the email address posted on the site, but it came back as undeliverable.


Usefulness - 10/25

There is sufficient content in Elegant Directory for it to be useful to a directory user but, since so many of its listings are misplaced, and so many of its categories are empty, someone would be apt to have trouble finding what he was looking for.

Another thing that I've noticed is that Elegant Directory is not using category descriptions, although this feature is standard on every web directory script that I am aware of. Category descriptions provide information to users, help site submitters determine whether they have found the right category, and provide textual content for search engine spiders.

Overall Rating - 48%

Upon my assessment of Elegant Directory on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22, 2014, I have assigned it a rating of forty-eight percent.


Elegant Directory is one of the prettiest directories I have come across. With a working submission page and FAQ, as well as category descriptions, it has the potential of being a fine directory.


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