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Directory Journal was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on Monday, December 29 and Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Directory Journal has been in the top ten of Web Directory Reviews Org since we've been publishing reviews. In the first quarter of 2013, it was in the #9 position, following which it has come in #5, #5, #4, #1, #2, and #1 again last quarter.

Moz rates Directory Journal as 58/100 in Domain Authority, 65/100 in Page Authority, a Page MozRank of 6.64 and a Page MozTrust of 6.07. The directory's Majestic Trust Flow is 54 and its Citation Flow is 50. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 70,814.

Directory Journal offers two types of submission options, regular and featured, and both annual and permanent listing plans. Regular listings allow up to three deep links, with a submission fee of $59.95 per year or a one-time payment of $159.95. Featured listings are $99.95 per year or $249.95 for the permanent listing plan, offering top placement, up to five deep links, and links to social profiles.

SEO metrics and submission details won't play a part in my review of Directory Journal, however; I offer it only because some of you are interested. Directory Journal will be rated on my assessment of five areas, all taken from a user perspective:

  • Aesthetics - 10%
  • Size - 20%
  • Intuitiveness - 20%
  • Quality - 25%
  • Usefulness - 25%

In addition, I may award up to five points for extra content not adequately addressed in one of the other areas of assessment.

Aesthetics - 7/10

The index page of Directory Journal is a little busy, and not all of it fits above the fold, yet it's pleasant enough and the important stuff, such as the main menu, is above the fold.

Its upper-level category names are a mix of one, two, and three words, and there is an uneven number of categories displayed in its three columns, but the asymmetry doesn't detract much from the layout of its index page.

I won't go into the design details because this is the eighth time that I've reviewed this directory, and it hasn't changed since my last review.

There are a few ads along the footer but they also don't detract from the looks of the directory's index page.

Size - 20/20

Rather than paging through every category and subcategory of the directory, counting each outgoing category link, which would be wholly impractical, I use a program called Scrutiny to scan each directory before I review it. I limit my scans to 500,001 links, and Directory Journal did top out at that number. Please see the criteria for further information about the scoring in this area of the assessment.

Intuitiveness - 17/20

Overall, Directory Journal's taxonomy is well organized and intuitive, and its structure uses @links, above and below the line capabilities, and other useful features. The directory uses breadcrumb navigation, which can aid users in returning to upper-level categories.

The last time I reviewed this directory, I noted some regional categories that were included in its topical trees. However, this time I see that these eventually lead the user to the appropriate regional category through the use of @links, as is appropriate.

There are exceptions, but sites are nearly always placed in appropriate categories and, while I found some categories with only one listed site, I found no empty ones.

Within each category, featured listings are displayed above regular ones, but they are listed alphabetically within each section.

Directory Journal's in-site search works well, returning listed sites and categories that are relevant to the search.

Quality - 19/25

Directory Journal is well documented, with an about page, terms of use, privacy policy, an affiliate program, and several other help pages. During my scan of the directory, there was no noticeable slowdown, as I have seen with some other directories.

I did not come across any empty categories, and each category has a uniquely authored category description.

Up to three thousand characters are permitted in a site description, but most of the directory's listed sites are far shorter than that. Although there are some grammatically correct sentences, the majority of its descriptions are made up of sentence fragments. They are mostly well done though; reasonably descriptive and free of spelling or capitalization errors, and I saw no promotional language.

In some cases, the domain name is used in lieu of a proper site title, but these are exceptions rather than the rule.

I mentioned this in my last review of Directory Journal, but I see that it has not been corrected. In the United States category of its regional tree, @links for Real Estate and Shopping are mixed in with the state categories rather than listed below the line with the other topical categories. The Canada category doesn't do that but, in the Canada category, the topical categories are above the line while the province categories are below the line, the opposite of the arrangement in the United States category.

Usefulness - 20/25

Directory Journal has enough content to be useful as a web directory, although its regional tree is not as comprehensive as that in Best of the Web or the Aviva Directory. Its taxonomy is solid, and sites can be found where they might be expected to be found.

Longer site descriptions would be an added benefit, but the majority of its descriptions are adequate, and it appears that site description that have been added recently are more descriptive than those that have been in the directory for longer periods of time. At any rate, Directory Journal's site descriptions are more descriptive than that of many other directories.

The fact that Directory Journal features category descriptions is commendable, as so directories do not.

Extra Content - 2

Apart from its main directory, Directory Journal also features a Local Search Directory and several blogs, most of them active, as well as an affiliate program.

Overall Rating - 85%

Upon my evaluation of Directory Journal on Monday, December 29 and Tuesday, December 30, 2014, I have rated it at eighty-five percent.


Directory Journal well organized and rich in content. I have several sites listed in Directory Journal, and will not hesitate to submit others in the future.


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