Abilogic was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on Tuesday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

The Abilogic directory first appears in the Internet Archive on September 25, 2004. This isn't the first time that the directory has been evaluated and rated by Web Directory Reviews Org. I last reviewed it on June 5, 2013, so it's been well over a year and we've made some changes to our evaluation criteria since that time.

Abilogic is a good directory, and it will remain a good directory regardless of whether it makes it into our top ten. I have several directories listed in Abilogic and would not hesitate to submit another.

Its Moz Domain Authority is 59/100 and its Page Authority is 66/100, the Page MozRank is 5.98 and the Page MozTrust is 5.73. The Majestic Trust Flow of Abilogic is 61 and the Citation Flow is 47. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 16,495.

There are three fee-based submission options, beginning with its Express listing, at $19.95. Its Express-5 listing costs $24.95, and may include up to four deep links as well as the link to the site's main domain. A Premium listing is $34.95, offering everything that is included in an Express-5 listing but appearing on top of the category that the site is listed in. Each of its submission fees are one-time fees, promising a review within twelve hours.

Directories that I evaluate for Web Directory Reviews Org are assessed in five areas: aesthetics (10%), size (20%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (25%), and usefulness (25%). Up to five extra points are sometimes awarded for content that is not assessed in other areas of the evaluation.

Aesthetics - 8/10

Abilogic has a flat, clean, minimalist look, with a new attractive logo. At first glance, it doesn't appear to be a web directory. Its main menu appears along the left sidebar rather than in the center of the screen, although its geographical navigation can be found in the center of the screen.

As for its main menu, I wish Health & Beauty were shortened to one word because then its main menu would be symmetrical. Nevertheless, its arrangement in one column minimizes any negative effects that this might cause.

Internal pages are well organized, and both its subcategory menus and listed sites are well presented.

There is no third-party advertising.

Size - 15/20

The last time that I tried to scan the Abilogic directory, my ISP was banned, but that did not occur this time. Scrutiny found 254,855 links on the Abilogic domain, which does not include any subdomains. Since Scrutiny does not differentiate between outgoing links and navigational links, this number is higher than the actual number of listings that the directory has but, since each directory is evaluated by the same method, it's useful as a comparison.

Abilogic has been online for about ten years and two months, which comes out to 24,043 links per year. According to our criteria for this quarter, this comes out to 14 or 15 points, so I'll go with 15.

Intuitiveness - 15/20

Abilogic's upper-level categories are very similar to DMOZ. Paging through its categories, it appears that there may be more subcategories than are necessary, at least at the same level, as some of them could be nested. Some of them are redundant, such a Business subcategory of its Business top-level category; I'm not sure what to make of Business > Business.

Several of its main-level category trees include Directories subcategories, where these might be better organized if they were in one place and referred to by @links, but that's not a major item.

There are a few quirks in its Regional tree. For example, in Regional > North America > United States, most of the categories represent the U.S. states but, mixed in, are categories for Education and Travel, as well as an empty subcategory called State List. Perhaps it was intended to be the parent of all of the state categories, which would make sense.

Overall, it's easy enough to navigate Abilogic's categories and subcategories. The directory uses @links sparingly, but they are in use.

Abilogic's search feature works fine, even on multi-word search phrases, returning site listings and categories that match the search terms.

For the most part, sites are listed in appropriate categories. I can't figure out what the sorting arrangement is, however. I get that Premium listings are on top, but I don't know how they are arranged otherwise, as it's not alphabetical.

Quality - 16/25

Abilogic includes clear guidelines, help files, and policy information. A testimonials page is included, which claims that some of the testimonials were written forty-six years ago, so I'm thinking there's a slight dating problem there.

Abilogic uses sentence fragments rather than grammatically correct sentences in site descriptions, and many of its descriptions begin with the title, as well as some promotional language within both titles and descriptions. I have seen worse descriptions, by far, but site descriptions on Abilogic could be improved upon.

I have also come across several listings that include unnecessary keywords in the title, a few examples of which I will post below:

The Web's Best Directory - Add Link - Submit Your Website
Web directory of quality family-friendly and spam-free sites organized by multiple category. Submit your website for free to the internet's fastest growing directory!.

Web Site Directory Savelook.com Register Your Web Site in Our Web Directory Free
Web Site Directory, SaveLook is a comprehensive categorized directory of websites. Add your url to Website Directory. Increase your page rank with SEO friendly links in relevant categories.

Yelk.net - Search for Sites by Their Descriptions. Try It!
Manually edited SEO friendly directory with sites rating. Comfortable smart searching with highlighting. Add your URL for Free.

Xcb, Inc. Manufactures High-Quality Indoor/outdoor Theme Pool Tables. Serving All of Central Florida
Based in Lake County, Florida, our custom fiberglass pool tables are durable, weather resistant and 100% made in America

Labscape - Chemical Fume Hoods and Laboratory Furniture
This manufacturer and distributor of laboratory fume hoods and furnishings has extensive experience planning, designing, and furnishing modern laboratories.

The above are not representative of the directory's quality, when it comes to site titles and descriptions, but the majority of them could be improved.

When I scanned the directory, Scrutiny flagged quite a few bad site listings.

Usefulness - 14/25

The Abilogic directory certainly has enough listings to be useful as a directory, and I did not come across very many empty categories in its topical trees. There are quite a few in its regional tree, however, including entire state categories with no listings.

There are also no category descriptions, which is a significant deficit. Every directory script that I know of includes category descriptions as a standard feature, and it is one that should be used. Well written category descriptions provide information for users, direction for submitters, and textual content to be spidered by the search engines, so it's a shame to leave them out.

Abilogic is not responsive on a smart phone, as it requires a great deal of scrolling in order to maneuver the directory.

Extra Content - 2

Apart from its regular directory, Abilogic includes Abilogic UK, Abilogic Beauty, and an active articles directory. There is also an affiliate program.

Overall Rating - 70%

Upon my assessment of the Abilogic directory on Tuesday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 10, 2014, I have rated it at seventy percent.


Abilogic is a nice looking directory, and it will remain one that I am pleased to have my sites listed in. Truthfully, I was hoping it would do better. It could be improved upon greatly however, by cleaning up the promotional hype and extra keywords in its titles and descriptions, and complete sentences would help, but category descriptions would be an even greater improvement.


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