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The 1Webs Directory was evaluated for Web Directory Reviews Org on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

The fifth directory that I will be reviewing for Web Directory Reviews Org this quarter is the 1Webs Directory, which was established in 2009.

Submissions to the directory are free, although paid options are also available. The cost for a featured review is $17 per year or a one-time payment of $35, while the fee for a sponsored review is a one-time payment of $71. Sponsored listings may include a logo, social media links, and a details page, as well as top placement within the category.

1Webs Directory has a Moz Domain Authority of 42/100, Page Authority of 52/100, Page MozRank of 6.03, and Page MozTrust of 5.69. Its Majestic Trust Flow is 38 and its Citation Flow is 44. The Alexa Traffic Rank for 1Webs Directory is 13,875.

When I rate a directory for Web Directory Reviews Org, I look at it from the perspective of a directory user, evaluating each directory for how well it performs in five areas: aesthetics (10%), size (20%), intuitiveness (20%), quality (25%), and usefulness (25%). I use published criteria that is subject to change from quarter to quarter, but the criteria that was used each quarter is archived and available for review.

Aesthetics - 7/10

1Webs Directory has a traditional directory look, but it works well, its chief colors being black olive and chestnut. The main menu consists of fifteen upper-level categories, arranged in five rows of three, each preceded with an icon represented by the category.

Most of the directory's upper-level categories consist of only one word, but there are two exceptions: Marketing & Advertising and Real Estate.

There is no advertising on the directory's index page, but internal category pages include one AdSense advertisement beneath the subcategory menu. Aside from that, its internal pages are well organized and attractive.

Size - 0/20

Since I cannot page through each of the directory's pages, counting each link, I use a program called Scrutiny to scan each directory that I am going to review, and count the full number of links found within the directory, although this number is considerably higher than the actual number of outgoing category links. Still, this is valuable by way of comparison.

This section of the assessment is based on the average number of links added per year, rounded down to the nearest month. Scrutiny found 14,004 links, and 1Webs Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on March 17, 2009, which is approximately five years and eight months. This comes out to about 2,501 links per year. According to my criteria, that isn't enough links per year to receive any credit in this area of the assessment.

Intuitiveness - 16/20

The taxonomy of 1Webs Directory is solid, as far as I can see, and the directory does make limited use of @links.

Users have the ability to browse the directory's regional tree through country categories that are displayed beneath the main menu.

However, when I try to use its search feature, I get an error; not just a one-time error, either, as I tried several times. This will be scored within the quality section of my assessment, but I am mentioning it here because I was unable to evaluate the usefulness of its search feature.

The directory's upper-level categories includes sites that would more appropriately be placed within a subcategory or within its regional tree. I've seen a lot worse, as far as this problem goes, but there are nevertheless misplaced sites.

Quality - 12/20

Scrutiny found 1,498 bad links, most of which were of outgoing directory links. Given the relative low number of links in the directory, this is a large number. The errors that are generated by its search feature indicates another problem.


Other than that, while I can't say there aren't any, I have not come across any empty categories. The titles used are usually those of the actual title of the listed site and, while 1Webs Directory uses sentence fragments rather than grammatically correct, more descriptive descriptions, they appear to be free of spelling errors or obvious promotional language. Full sentences would be preferable to sentence fragments, but 1Webs Directory is far from the only directory to use that model.

The directory includes an About Us page, terms, guidelines, and a privacy policy page.

Usefulness - 18/25

In a large sense, there aren't enough listings for 1Webs Directory to be useful as a general directory, but this is alleviated considerably by the lack of empty categories. Each category that a user clicks into will include content.

Additionally, 1Webs Directory includes descriptions for each of its categories, which provides content beyond that of outgoing category links. As category descriptions are a greatly underused feature of web directories, I am always impressed when I find them.

Lastly, 1Webs Directory uses a responsive theme that renders well on my smart phone.

Overall Rating - 53%

Upon my assessment of 1Webs Directory on Sunday, November 23, 2014, I have rated it at fifty-three percent.


Fifty-three percent may not sound like a good rating, and it isn't. However, please keep in mind that the main thing holding 1Webs Directory back from being a contender for our top ten is its small size. The directory received no points in the size area of the assessment, and it would have gained additional points in the usefulness section if it were larger. As it is, I rated it much higher in that section that I ordinarily would a directory the size of 1Webs Directory. The directory lost some points in the quality section of the assessment too, largely for the number of bad links and the broken search feature.

1Webs Directory is very small for a general directory, but it has a lot of potential. It is not a bad directory but, of course, it would have to add a large number of links in order to be a great directory.


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