The Yahoo! Directory is Down

Has anyone noticed that the Yahoo! Directory has been down for more than a week now?

I haven't seen much talk about it, but the Yahoo! Directory has been down for more than a week now. Attempts to connect to the directory at do not redirect to another page, nor have any announcements been made, as far as I am aware. Its directory is still linked to from Yahoo's Products and Services page, but the link does not resolve.

The Yahoo! Directory was still online on June 15 of this year, when I last reviewed it, but it has not shown up in the Internet Archive (Wayback) at all in 2014.

The Yahoo! Directory is one of, if not the oldest directory on the Internet, and it was Yahoo's flagship product. While there is no question but that the role of web directories has decreased over the past few years, people were still paying about $300 a year for a link in the Yahoo! Directory.

A few years ago, Yahoo closed a few of its country-specific directories, redirecting those pages to its search page. At the time, a company spokesperson said that it had no intention of closing its main directory.

I don't know whether the Yahoo! Directory is gone for good. If so, it will be a loss to the web directory industry, made even sadder by the fact that it has been down for over a week and no one seems to have noticed.
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