Web World Accepts Free Submissions to Regional

Web World accepts free submissions to its regional categories.
Last month, I published an article promoting the policies of Authority Directory, Directory Times, and Rave the Web, all directories that accept free submissions to their regional categories, I also mentioned that the Yahoo! Directory is more likely to accept your free submission to its regional categories than to any of its topical categories.

I neglected to name Web World, another fine directory, which also accepts free submissions to its regional categories only, not to its topical categories.

That was an oversight on my part, since I had submitted four of my own regional sites to Web World, all of which were accepted and are listed in the directory.

For my part, I did catch the mistake myself. Periodically, I review the directories that are listed in the WDR Directory of Directories to make sure that they are still in working order and that the information that I have supplied in their descriptions are still valid, since I do list prices and other concerns, so I realized, when I came to Web World, that I had forgotten them in my earlier promotion.

I should mention also, that their regular prices are more than reasonable. For a one-time payment of $25.00, an accepted site will appear as a premium listing for one year, after which it will revert to a regular listing but remain in the directory.

Please read their submission guidelines before submitting your site.

Note to Google: While this is a promotion, it is not a paid promotion, and it has been published entirely on my own volition. Yes, it is a vote. It is intended to be.
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