Web Directory Reviews Org Wants to Interview Directory Owners

Web Directory Reviews Org is offering the opportunity for web directory owners or their representatives to reach out to our readers and tell them something about what their directory has to offer, as well as the web directory industry in general.

So far, Robert G, of the Jasmine Directory, and Jeffrey Behrendt, of the Aviva Directory, have taken us up on it, and their interviews have been published.

Here's how it works. On an online interview form, I ask some basic questions about the web directory and about the future of the industry. Most of them are optional, but we certainly encourage directory owners to answer them all, as well as volunteering any other information that they'd like our readers to know.

We don't promise to publish every review we receive, but we would certainly look favorably upon anything that might be of value or interest to our readers.

The online interview form can be found here. If you own or operate a general, regional or niche web directory, blog directory, or forum directory, please look over the form and take the time to complete it, and send it in.

Web Directory Reviews Org
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