Review Criteria for 4th Quarter of 2013

Between today, September 22, and the first of October, we would like to hear about any changes you might recommend to our web directory review criteria.

Web Directory Reviews Org has just completed reviews for the third quarter of 2013, and has published its listing of the top ten web directories for that quarter. During the interim, between the time that we have completed our reviews for one quarter, and before we begin the following quarter's reviews, we consider any changes that we might want to make to our evaluation criteria.

During the third quarter, we have evaluated web directories in five areas, as follows:

Aesthetics - 10%
Content - 25%
Intuitiveness - 25%
Quality - 20%
Usefulness - 25%

Details of our current criteria, as well as that used in past quarters, are published on the Web Directory Reviews Org website, and may be reviewed. Anyone who would like to suggest changes to our criteria is invited to do so in our discussion forum. Registration is required in order to participate in the forum, but there is no charge for registration and we would welcome your input in any of our areas of discussion there.
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