Take a Look at the GoGuides Membership Plan

Announcing the GoGuides membership plan.

Whenever I come across a good deal in a web directory, whether it be a particularly good offer or a valuable promotion, I am going to announce it here. Don't believe everything that you read; web directories are good SEO, or perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that good web directories are good SEO.

And there are some good web directories; GoGuides is one of them. The GoGuides directory has a membership plan, in which members, who pay $19.95 a month for individuals, may add as many websites as they wish to the directory.

There is no wait for website approval, although member submissions are checked by directory staff in order to ensure that their quality standards are maintained.

I own several domains, some of which I haven't been promoting because I just don't have the money to do so. The normal GoGuides submission fee of $39.99 is very reasonable for one site, considering the value of a listing in the GoGuides directory, but when you multiply that by twenty, you're talking about real money, or at least money that I don't have. Companies with five or more employees are asked to pay $149.95.

If you have one site to promote, I recommend just paying the regular site submission fee. It's a good price, and GoGuides is a reputable web directory. However, if you have multiple sites, or if you'd like to add other sites, like maybe those of family members, take a look at the GoGuides membership plan.

It's a good deal. Go for it. Click.

Note: I will be posting special offers from reputable web directories whenever I come across them, but if you're running a reputable directory, please let me know about any special offers, whether ongoing or time-limited, and if I agree that it's a good deal, I'll announce it here. -- admin@webdirectoryreviews.org
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