A Healthy Trade-Off From R-TT Directory

Discussing an interesting trade-off for a valuable link in the R-TT Innovative Web Directory.

The R-TT Innovative Web Directory was among our top ten web directories for the first three quarters that we published reviews at Web Directory Reviews Org, being supplanted in the list during the fourth quarter of 2013 only because it was in competition with substantially larger directories.

The quality of the R-TT Directory remains excellent, and it is a valuable place to have a link for a couple of reasons.

If your site is listed in the R-TT Innovative Web Directory, you will probably receive targeted traffic directly from the site. I have a few sites listed on the R-TT Directory, and I receive traffic from it. Visitors who come to my sites from web directories in general, but most particularly the R-TT Directory, are likely to stick around a while, and to visit additional pages of my site.

Traffic received from a web directory is almost certain to be more valuable than that coming from a search engine because it is targeted traffic. A well organized web directory, such as the R-TT Directory, will have sites listed in appropriate categories, so visitors coming to your site from the R-TT Directory are visiting your site because they are interested in whatever the topic of your site might be.

As you browse the pages of the R-TT Directory, you will notice that each category includes a descriptive, usually long, category description. If your site is listed in the R-TT Directory the chances are very good that people viewing your listing will have a genuine interest in the topic of your site.

As you work your way down to the site listings in the R-TT Directory, you will notice that site descriptions tend to be long, as compared to most other web directories, and that they are usually fairly well written. This is because the R-TT Innovative Web Directory requires that submitted site descriptions be uniquely written, and at least one hundred words in length, and several are longer.

The advantage to long, well-written, unique site descriptions is that they tend to be truly descriptive of the site they are intended to describe. This means that someone who clicks on your link probably has a very good idea of what your site has to offer, and is interested enough to visit it. For this reason, you will have lower bounce rates from visitors coming to your site from the R-TT Directory, as compared to visitors coming to your site from a search engine results page.

Long, uniquely written, category and site descriptions also serve as spider food for search engine spiders, which are far more likely to index a page that includes rich textual content than one that includes outgoing links with less content. For this reason, your link in the R-TT Directory will be more valuable for the purpose of search engine optimization, as well.

Your site should be listed in the R-TT Innovative Web Directory, that is clear, and the good news is that it won't break your budget. In fact, there is no charge.

At their essence, a web directory is a web site, and web sites require textual content; the richer the better. If you are willing to take the time to describe your site effectively, using a minimum of one hundred words, without copying your words from your site or from other site submissions you have made, the R-TT Directory will consider it for inclusion in their database.

You get a listing in a well indexed directory, and the R-TT Directory gets additional content, making them a better resource. Neither a fee or a reciprocal link are requested. It's a trade off that works well for all sides.

Copying and pasting your meta title and description into the submission fields isn't going to get you a listing in the R-TT Directory, however. Submit your site to the most appropriate category, and take the time to do it well.

Read through the R-TT Directory's submission guidelines. Click.

Note: As I come across them, or someone points them out to me, I will be announcing promotions, changes, or innovative ideas from some of the reputable web directories in the industry. admin@webdirectoryreviews.org
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