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Promoting a few directories that allow for free submissions to their regional categories.

Over the years, I have worked for several web directories, sometimes working the queue, but usually searching for new content to add to the directory. I spend most of my time in the regional categories, in part because I enjoy regional, but largely because it is the regional categories that need the most help.

People are not inclined to submit their sites to regional categories, probably because most sites in regional are listed fairly deep in the category structure and site submitters looking for PageRank are not as likely to find it there.

Yet, these days PageRank doesn't mean very much, and a listing in a reputable web directory is a listing in a reputable web directory, regardless of where it is placed. In fact, an appropriately placed site listing will be more valuable than one that is inappropriately placed in a higher category.

Still, a lot of people don't think to list their sites in regional categories. In order to provide a useful regional tree for their users, directory owners have tried a variety of tactics. Some, who can afford it, hire editors like myself to increase the content in their regional categories. A few directories offer lower rates for submissions to regional categories, and still others offer free submissions to their regional trees.

A few reputable directories that offer free submissions to their regional categories are Authority Directory, Directory Times, and Rave the Web.

Authority Directory allows free submissions to its lowest appropriate regional categories, when the submitted title and description adhere to the directory's guidelines. Only the site's index page should be submitted, and no deep links are allowed.

The submission page warns of a long wait for a review of a free submission, and I am not sure how long of a wait that might be. I have submitted a couple of sites to Authority Directory before, but I chose its paid options. I just now made a free submission, so I guess I'll find out.

The paid options for Authority Directory are $10 a year or a one-time payment of $25 for a regular listing, and either $20 a year or a one-time payment of $50 for a featured listing. Up to five hundred characters are allowed for a site description.

Directory Times is newer to the industry, established in late 2011 or early 2012. Its regional section is pretty bare right now, but the directory is maintaining some high standards

The fees associated with listing a site to any of the Directory Times categories is low, with regular listings going for only $5, while featured listings are $10, and sites may be submitted to its regional categories for free.

Sites submitted to its regional categories, via the free option, must be submitted to the lowest, most appropriate category possible, and the submitted site description should be at least two hundred and fifty, and as long as five hundred characters in length. No deep links are allowed through the free option.

The fee for submissions to Rave the Web are reasonable enough as it is, while its regional listings are free. I have submitted a few regional sites to Rave the Web, and found their review times to be reasonable, although it will probably take longer for a free submission than for a paid one. The criteria for a free submission may be higher than for a paid submission, and sites submitted to its regional categories should have a physical address displayed on the site. No deep links are allowed for free submissions.

If time is important to you, Rave the Web promises to review paid submissions within one or two business days. The one-time fee for a regular submission is $10, while featured listings are $20, also a one-time payment. Rave the Web allows up to five hundred characters in a site description.

Authority Directory, Directory Times, and Rave the Web are not high-end web directories, but they are reputable, in my opinion; I wouldn't recommend them otherwise. Authority Directory, I should say, made it into my top ten for three quarters.

On the high-end of the web directory industry, you might want to consider the Yahoo! Directory's regional categories. They do have a free submission option and, while it is not specific to regional, a free submission is far more likely to be accepted if it is non-commercial, and if it is submitted to one of the directory's regional categories.

Don't hold your breath waiting for your free submission to be accepted into the Yahoo! Directory but it has been known to happen.

Note: From time to time, I will be posting promotional offers in support of the reputable end of the web directory industry. I'll post those that I happen to come across, but please feel free to let me know if there is something you'd like me to consider in your directory, as well, whether it be a long-term policy or time-limited promotion.
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