A Sad Farewell to Dreamhost

As a customer of Dreamhost since 2006, I am beginning to move my sites away from their servers. Here are my reasons why.

I have been a customer of Dreamhost since 2006 and, until the past couple of years, I had been a satisfied customer. Dreamhost has good prices, and I have been able to host dozens of domains on one account without any slowdown in service. Perhaps because I have been there for so long, I have become very comfortable with Dreamhost and, when I did have a problem, there was a time when Dreamhost had excellent tech support. Oh, there is no telephone number that you can call to speak to someone on the phone, as my wife prefers, but I have always hated talking to people on the phone anyhow, so email support worked quite well for me.

When they came out with their green web hosting campaign, I thought they were joking, but they weren't. In order to pay for the green web hosting campaign, I suspect they fired their real tech support crew and hired some people from India. These people weren't really tech support people, but they were instructed to to alternate responses to requests for tech support by referring people to a wiki or blaming third-party software. I dunno, maybe they're not from India, and they may not even be people, but they are certainly not helpful.

Over the past couple of years, I have had to delete a few sites that I had spent years building up, as anything that requires access to a database is going to crash sooner or later. Building a website on Dreamhost these days is a bit like building a sandcastle. It's only a matter of time before the tide comes in and washes everything away.

The WDR Directory of Directories fell victim to this the other day. I was not overly fond of the QLWebDS Pro script that it was built on and, if not for everything else that has been going wrong over at Dreamhost, I might even been inclined to believe them when they blamed third-party software. But then, the directory was down one day, up the next, then down again later that evening. This doesn't sound like a third-party software problem.

Dreamhost's tech support team put everything they had into trying to find a solution, however. They referred me to a wiki AND they blamed third-party software. Perhaps I am wrong to ask for more, but I've had it with Dreamhost.

As I write this, I am waiting for the DNS to propagate. I am moving Web Directory Reviews Org, the SEO/Web Glossary, and the WDR Directory of Directories to a new host. I will have to rebuild the directory, but I have to wait for the DNS to propagate before I can begin that task.

As for my may other domains, I guess I'll be moving them one by one, as I make changes to them. Nearly everything that I've had that uses a database has already crashed on Dreamhost, and the straight HTML sites aren't much of a problem, since I can always re-upload the files.

If you're looking to put up a regular website, without any bells and whistles, Dreamhost might work for you, but I don't recommend it.
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