Review Criteria for the Third Quarter of 2014

There won't be any large changes to the criteria between this quarter and the last, except in the area of Size, which was known as Content last quarter. Since "content" can mean a lot of things other than the number of links that a directory has, and it was confusing some people, I decided to refer to what was being assessed in this area as "size" instead. Generally, when people are discussing a directory, someone will ask how big it is, and they are referring to the number of links it contains. There are some other changes in this area that I'll discuss within that topic. Each of the other areas of assessment will remain essentially the same. In the course of my reviews, I have been making note of SEO metric statistics, as well as site submission costs, although these have not been considered in my ratings since the first quarter of 2013. Last quarter, I decided to quite reporting Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank numbers because Google seldom updates its PageRank, and has asked people to quit fussing about it anyhow, and because Alexa Traffic Rank is so easily manipulated as to be useless as a metric. However, I have received a couple of complaints about this, so I suppose it doesn't hurt for me to report this information for those who might be interested in it. SEO metrics play no part in a directory's rating.

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Directory of Directories
The WDR Directory of Directories is a comprehensive guide to legitimate web directories, including general, comprehensive, topical and regional directories, as well as blog and forum directories, and a wide variety of niche directories. Useful information is provided for each listed directory. Also include on this site are tips on submitting web sites to other directories. General submission guidelines, and information on choosing the most appropriate category for your site, and writing a site description will help you be more successful at getting your site listed in the better web directories. Please visit the WDR Directory of Directories.
Directory of Directories of Directories
The WDR Directory of Directories of Directories lists the directories that list the directories that list the sites. Just as the WDR Directory of Directories is a guide to web directories, there are other directories that serve the same purpose, and these are listed here, along with other resources. Please visit the WDR Directory of Directories of Directories.
Web Directory Forum
The Web Directory Forum is an interactive discussion forum on a variety of topics, including web directories, directory scripts, and directory editing, as well as search engine optimization, web hosting, web design, HTML editors, domains, and several other topics. Registration is required in order to participate in discussions, but there is no charge for registration and you don't even have to give us your real name. Please visit the Web Directory Forum.
Our Facebook Page
As of this date, October, 18, 2013, our Facebook page is fairly new, but I am trying to keep it up to date. Please visit our Facebook page, and be sure to "like" it before you leave. New additions to the directory are announced here, as well as new reviews and other information. Please visit our Facebook Page.
Our Twitter Page
Our Twitter page has been around longer than the Facebook page. While I may go a day or so every now and then without adding new tweets, it is generally maintained. New additions to our directory are announced here, as are new reviews, and other information that I think you might be interested in. Please follow our Twitter Page. We follow back all who follow us.

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At Web Directory Reviews Org, we are constantly trying to perfect the criteria we use in evaluating and rating web directories, and we frequently make adjustments to our criteria between quarters, often based on comments that we have received from our readers and directory owners.

Please feel free to comment on our criteria, or on specifics relating to any of our reviews. You may do so by email, in the comment areas following our reviews, or within our forum.