Review Criteria for the Third Quarter of 2013

The Second Quarter reviews looked at the usefulness of a directory to a prospective directory user rather than a directory's benefits to a webmaster or SEO professional.

I believe this worked well. However, it was pointed out to me by one of our forum members that aesthetics was not really as important as the other criteria, particularly usefulness and content. In response, I have decided to use his suggested changes, and have tweaked the assessment criteria slightly.

Although I'll be looking at all the same stuff that I looked at during the Second Quarter, they will be weighed differently. Usefulness and Content will count for 25% of the score each, while Intuitiveness and Quality will be worth 20% each, and Aesthetics will be valued at only 10% of the total score. Other than these scoring changes, the criteria will remain essentially what it was during the Second Quarter.