2013 Evaluation Criteria

Because our evaluation criteria is subject to change between quarters, the criteria that was in use each quarter is archived here. By referring to the criteria that was in use at the time that a review was written, our readers can best appreciate the ratings that have been assigned to each of the directories that we have reviewed.

The current review criteria is the one that is published on our main Criteria page, while archived criteria are filed by year.
During our 2013 reviews, a major rewrite of our review criteria was done after our first quarter of reviews, due largely to a decision to focus our reviews from the perspective of a directory user rather than a site submitter or SEO professional.

In our desire to be as objective as we can, given that the subjective nature of a review, we will continue to reconsider, to tweak, or to completely rewrite our evaluation criteria until we are convinced that we've gotten it right.

-- admin@webdirectoryreviews.org